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Austin Game Conference

Le AGC est terminé et mmorpg.com a un rapport complet. À lire absolument.


World of Warcraft - Problème avec les serveurs

J'ai environ 30 hrs d'expérience avec WoW. Mon personnage le plus ancien est un Dwarf Paladin lvl 13. Pas très élevé...

Bref, j'ai pris un mois question de voir pourquoi mes amis aiment tellement le jeu. Au bureau, au moins 1/3 des employés ont un abonnement. Pourquoi le jeu est si populaire ? Est-ce seulement a cause de "Warcraft" ?

Depuis mon réabonnement, l'expérience fut très décevante... Ma première soirée... Erreur 132 a répétition (nouveau depuis mon réabonnement) et pratiquement 2 jours de downtime pour mon serveur.... argh !!!!!!!!

En attendant, je redonne une chance a SWG... Le système d’expertise n’est pas si mal et le retour de l'auto-aim est le bienvenue.


Quelques nouvelles

Je me suis récamment trouvé un emploi comme Game Tester et ça prend beaucoup de mon temps. Désolé pour le manque d'update.

Achat de Mythic par EA ?
Producteur de Dark Age of Camelot quitte Mythic
Nouveaux screenshots de Lord of the Rings Online

Preview des Flying Mount pour WoW
Expension de WoW amène des nouveaux combos de classe
Nouveaux screenshots pour Warhammer Online
Nouveau module pour Dungeons and Dragons Online


EverQuest - Nouveau type de serveur le 28

Pour ceux qui ne le savait pas, SOE va lancer un "nouveau" type de serveur pour EverQuest. The Sleeper et The Combine seront en fait EverQuest classique. Bref, SOE a décidé de repartir à 0 et d'ajouter les expansions au fur et à mesure que les joueurs progressent.

Moi j'aime bien l'idée. EverQuest est le jeu qui m'a rendu accro au MMORPG et aucun autre n'as réussi a me passionner autant jusqu'a date... C'est le jeu auquel j'ai le plus longtemps joué dans ma vie et l'idée de recommencer me plait beaucoup.


Rumeurs - Star Wars Galaxies

Le moulin a rumeur est de retour !! Un "ex-employé" de SOE/LEC à vidé son sac sur mmorpg.com.

First of all, let me introduce myself.

I was employed for the last 4 years by Sony Onlline Entertainment (SOE) and Lucasarts Entertainment Company (LEC) as a body coder for the MMO commonly known as StarWars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.

I will not give out my personal details due to recursive legal action that the above two corporations may take against me for writhing this post to you today. ( hence the false email i am using and name to make this thread)

Recently, Major changes have been made within this MMO that have sparked outrage and mass cancellations. However i bring news to you of some facts.

First of all, there have been rumors abound about the current subscriber base in the game. Upon myself leaving the company 1 week ago, the current subscriber base with active accounts was slightly over 175,000 subscribers. 32,000 of them being trial accounts.

Now comes the part that may or may not have legal issues for me.

There have been massive calls for a reversion of the current system to be changed to the original base system that was at launch. SOE have acknowledged this and explained the situation to LEC and projected the estimated subscriber base and revenue that would be generated if this did indeed happen.

However, LEC have basically ignored this request from SOE and informed them, that as their joint license and contract states, the game known as StarWars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, must be produced and developed according to the wishes of the license granter (LEC)

Recently though, there have been further developments on this front, and SOE have made some ground on attempting to produce a original system that includes all the current mini-publishes and major publishes.

For evidence of this, you can refer to the lead developers publish plan. This is to last 6 months approx.

The reason that there is no publish plan further ahead of this ( unlike during the previous combat systems) is that IF the current system on the live servers is not to the playerbases liking, a original base system will be made live. Evidence of this can be found by the upcoming house and structures purge on the servers. this is to make way for condensed server merges, with the remainder being "cleaned" and prepared for the new system.

Take the above information as you will.

Now on to a well known Emulator site regarding the above game.

Many of you have posted and replied to that site. SOE and LEC indeed know about this site, and are actively monitoring it.

I have read the updates section and i feel i must say something.

The main updates that the administrators have given to you are false. Here are my reasons for you to browse.

The most recent updates that have been made available there are incorrect.

The loading screen you see can easily be made and changed by anyone who has access to the .tre file that was included in the Jump to Lightspeed (JTL) major publish. All it is is a simple background that you can extract from the .tre file using a program known as insideSWG or SWGExplorer. You can then import it into a image editing program, edit it how you like, then recompile it back into the.tre file. Evidence of this is a lack of a full video going from login screen to main game on the Emulator site. All you see is a screenshot.

With reference to the "ingame zone" screenshots. these are again false. There is indeed a mod that replicates all aspects of the games original system User Interface. However if you look closely you will notice that there are no active "HAM" bars. this is because the code which we inserted into the core of the game is made to do this, thus making the mod useless and basically unuseable. You may also notice the small unobtainable experience information module in one of the screenshots This is a well known bug that occurs with an original system User interface Mod. This occurs because the mod links to coding within the client that has been commented out. therefore it was not able to be changed.

Well, take the above post however you see fit. My only purpose today was to update you on the game and future developments that SOE and LEC are desperate to keep hidden. Some of you may think that this post was made by a teenager with not much else to do. However i assure you in all honesty, that i was empoyed as stated above
Cliquez ici pour le post original !


Star Wars Galaxies - Animations, ancienne interfaces, etc...

Depuis quelques temps, les mods pour SWG semblent très populaire. Retrouver l'ancienne UI que vous aimiez tant, en manque d'animation de sabre laser ? Vous voulez vous balader sans slip ?


Vous y trouverez sans doute ce que vous cherchez !

Toute les patches et updates de Star Wars Galaxies

Le lien suivant est l'historique de toutes les patches et updates de SWG. Il saura sans doute vous faire jaser. Il est intéressant de remarquer le manque de constance des Devs depuis le jour 1. Pour ma part, je suis un joueur de SWG depuis la beta 3 et voir tout ça me rend un peu nostalgique.....

À quand les serveurs classiques ? SOE le fait pour EQ1, pourquoi pas pour SWG ?

Blizzard banni 30000 tricheurs

In keeping with Blizzard's aggressive stance against cheating in World of Warcraft, we banned over 30,000 accounts in the month of May, and with that removed well over 30 million gold from the economy across all realms. The banned accounts were taking part in activities that violate the game's Terms of Use, including using third-party programs to farm gold and items, which severely impacts the economy of a realm and the overall game enjoyment for all players.

We will continue to aggressively monitor all World of Warcraft realms in order to protect the service and its players from the harmful effects of cheating. Please note that selling World of Warcraft content, such as gold, items, and characters, can result in a permanent ban of the involved accounts from World of Warcraft.

Many account closures come as the direct result of tips reported to our GMs in game or emailed to our Hacks Team by legitimate World of Warcraft players. If you suspect that a World of Warcraft player is using an illegal third-party program to farm gold or items, or is otherwise violating our Terms of Use, please report the suspected infraction via one of the means listed above. All reports will be investigated, and those that prove false will not result in corrective action.

Thank you for your continued support, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!

Everquest 2 - Fallen Destiny vidéo

Everquest 2 - Fallen Destiny est le nouveau adventure pack qui devrait sortir bientôt. Vous pouvez visionner une vidéo en cliquant ici.


World of Warcraft - De moins en moins aimé

Si vous visionnez MMORPG.com souvent, vous avez sans doute remarqué que World of Warcraft ne fait plus parti de la liste des jeux les mieux côtés.

Vanguard : Saga of Heroes - Vidéos

Voici le lien vers les vidéos et screenshots du E3. Les vidéos sont maintenant disponible en haute qualité.